Below you will find a small selection of the talks and displays we can provide for you. With over 40 years combined experience in re-enacting and living history we are taking this experience into museums, schools, historic sites, holiday venues, social clubs and corporate events. As you can see from our website there are no limitations to the historical topics we can bring to life for you.

We offer a hands on approach, allowing your group to touch, try on and explore all of the uniforms and equipment we bring along with us. We believe this enhances the educational aspect of any of the talks we give. Our aim is to work directly with you to meet your specific requirements so that you get the absolute most out of our visit. We have experience in aiming our talks and displays at all age groups, and will ensure all content is age appropriate.

You can contact us via the website, email us on or call 07711 843711

Art Of War.

Until March 2, 1916, when the Military Service Act introduced conscription, Great Britain’s WWI army was comprised entirely of volunteers. In Britain the Parliamentary Recruitment Committee were responsible for appeals and recruitment drives. We have brought together some of the most famous posters in an entertaining presentation through the ages looking at the use of art and propaganda not only in Britain but across the world encouraging men and women to support their countries.

Look, Duck and Vanish WW2

How the Home Guard came into being and its development in the Second World War. From its humble beginnings in 1939 made up of groups of enthusiastic men and women at home, until 1945, by which time it had become a thoroughly modern, highly trained army in its own right.

This entertaining and informative talk includes authentic Home Guard uniforms, items, equipment, slide shows, music and more.

  • The Big One
  • Not so quiet on the western front

Over the Top.

A day in the life of a British soldier in WW1. The war was not 9 to 5, there was no nipping home for lunch or tea, men were 100’s if not 1000s of miles away from home. Leave was rare if not non existent. From sunrise to sunset you might be marching with equipment weighing 60lbs or more.  By night, standing guard in a trench, up to your waist in water in complete darkness. What is it like to live for weeks at a time in a cold, wet, muddy hole in the ground? Let us bring this to life for you. We will bring authentic uniforms, webbing, arms and equipment direct to you. With stories and memorabilia from the period we can entertain, inform and enthuse your group. They will be able to have a hands on experience, trying on uniforms, carrying equipment, hearing stories about life in the trenches and more.

History of Slavery.

Historians have long argued exactly when slavery first began. In one form or another, slavery has existed for millennia. It changed the world. We hope to bring you an historical insight into the worldwide inhumanity of man against man. From the early ages up to the present day.

  • Musket to Machine Gun

Musket to Machine Gun.

Let us provide you with an informative historical timeline of weapons, from the Matchlock Musket to the modern day Bolt Action Rifle. Spanning a period of 500 years, this talk not only uses photos and slides, but can include examples of weapons used during the English Civil War right through to WW2.

Stalin’s Children.

A Soviet soldier’s tales of the Great Patriotic War. Describing the horrors and hardships of the RKKA, in one of the most brutal conflicts of all time.

With the help of authentic uniforms, weaponry and music we will tell the story of the soviet peasant soldier fighting for the freedom of his motherland. We will help to bring to life a seldom told tale of the second world war.

Heat and Flies.

Allow us to introduce you to one of Queen Victoria’s soldiers in Afghanistan and India during the days of the British Raj. A personal view of an old soldier with tales of daring do and bravery during the 1880’s. We can bring a hands on experience with original equipment and paraphernalia of the period to entertain and educate your group.